Thursday, June 03, 2004


made in broder:

Haupei cheraha, is what down here they say, what´s happening bro, if you say it my way, life here is much simpler, in every way.... not knowing what´s coming, but I´m here to stay. all days different vibes, each folk with their groove, it´s all about living, and and the right music to soothe... it´s all about the music, my boyz used to say, knot knowing what´s coming, am i here to stay? each day at a time, don´t jump to conlusions, uncertainty of friends to come, are they just illusions? let´s don´t go too deep, just want to make rhymes... run forrest run, why you wanna rewind!? cool people wanted, to talk and to savour these rhymes that i´m bringning so don´t be wasting my flavor... so juicy, so smooth... no drama, just truth nice, CU

Tiembla SNOOP!!!


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